About Us

Welcome Home

Church is much more than a service: it’s about finding your place in God’s family. We believe the church is God’s plan for all to find compassion, grace, healing, salvation, and direction, all within a positive and loving community of believers. This is how you and your family can live life to the fullest and find the purpose God intended for your life. We are here to love our community towards Him, and we have a place for each of you in our home, here at The Apostolic Church.

With a church our size, there are many ways to get involved, and ministries targeted to many different age groups and interests. Please read below for some of our ministry descriptions or enjoy watching one of our live or pre-recorded services.

Once again, we welcome you home to The Apostolic Church.

Pastor Steve and Renee

Hi, my name is Steve.

I believe that you belong to God, and every single person has a unique gift that makes them special, loved and cherished to God. We celebrate your uniqueness! We celebrate your calling! God has a great future for you and your family.

Maybe you know exactly what that future is. Maybe you feel you knew once, but life has challenged you and you want to discover it again. Or, maybe you have no exact idea what God has in store for you…

But I want to help you find your purpose. TAC is a safe place for you. As a church family, we are committed to loving you, and helping you discover the wonderful, God-designed future for your life.

I am so excited to meet you. God has a beautiful and awesome plan for your life. Please join us!