Small Groups

Small Groups

He created you to live and experience life with other people. At The Apostolic Church, we encourage you to connect with others by becoming a part of a small groups.

A small group is a group of people who meet together in a home, workplace or at the church once a week or every other week. In a group, you’ll do activities together, bear one another’s burdens, learn more about God, grow, serve and pray together.

The early church met in the temple courts and “house to house.” Small groups are Biblical, relevant and powerful.

No matter where you are in life or whatever your age, there’s a small group for you. There are groups for adults, young people, college students, and more.

More About Small Groups

You can access hundreds of small group videos and discussion questions at Right Now Media.

Learn More

Contact or stop by the Guest services desk on Sundays in the lobby to get connected to a small group and learn information on ones available.